Body Builder Ade Rai.(doc.Special)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Ade Rai, a former bodybuilder athlete and healthy life activists, says hunger is a signal given by the body for eating food, but we also must be willing to learn how to choose good food so it can satisfy our body.

The phrase is a problem related to overweight or obesity. According to him, the key is how we are selective to keep the best ones enter our body.

"For instance, we went into a Padang restaurant, if [we] want ayam pop [chicken boiled/steamed in coconut milk to be fried later] we ask [one] which no need to be fried again," said Ade, Monday (3/27/2017).

He explained further, for example, in choosing to eat at fast food restaurants, we should enjoy the favorite fried chicken without worrying about our weight, that is, fried chicken breast, by removing the skin and drying remaining oil in the meat using tissue.

Other menu which is also Ade’s choice is siomay (steamed fish dumplings), Ade advised, in addition to the siomay, you should also select pieces of vegetables such as bitter melon and cabbage, then separate the seasonings and eat by way of dipping.

"In the sweet tea [there] can be 40 calories, [which is] equivalent of that we owe a 24-minute run. That is, the speed of our mouths consuming the foods is higher than the speed of our body in burning calories," explained Ade. (netralnews)

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